Not doing so well, the cork fell off a bottle of champagne last night.  Bummer.
Didn't get on the treadmill cos I wasn't sure about how to use it.  Have been shown now.  Tonight I have to do washing for going away, clean up the kid's room as he's coming back on Sunday and i'm out for dinner tomorrow night so i've left my run a little late.  D'oh.
Friday we're off to Melbourne and not back til Sunday.  We're staying near Albert Park so i'll be able to walk at least once around each day.  
Day two, mind set good.  
Have planned meals for today.
Bit worried about the weekend but will take walking shoes and go for lots of walks while i'm away.  We have three days pretty much so there should be lots of incidental exercise.
Motivation is fairly high. 
Looking at WW online.  
Can't put this off any longer.
Exercise must be done today.