I've only lost a kilo in the last month, need to pull my finger out, it's not acceptable.
My portion sizes are creeping up.  I still have 20 kilos to lose.  I'd love to do it by Christmas (too much expectation?).
03/18/2011 3:11am

I am with you. Things have slowed up a lot for me too. Lost 1kg in the last month, need to lose 20kgs to get to goal. I think Christmas is a good goal to set. It is 40 odd weeks away and even if we miss the mark a little, we will still be smoking hot when we get there.

Put that smile back on your dial and cut those portions. Love your work. xx

Christina Santini
03/18/2011 3:48am

You can do it. I lost 25 kilos between January and October last year - to go to China and get fit before I went.
Now that it's all kicked in and my metabolishm's up and I've got the gym addiction, it's still falling off me.
You can do it Bri, keep on going. If you get off track, just chalk it up to experience and keep on going.
You're doing great1

03/18/2011 7:25am

You'll get there... I have faith!

03/19/2011 10:51pm

I'd stop thinking in terms of 20kg and work on getting to the next 5kg block - Under 80kg, 75kg, Under 70kg. I find when I break down my goals into something I can nearly 'touch' it feels so much more achievable. Congratulations on losing a kg in the month - that is a whole whole kilo and better than nothing or putting on weight. If you lost a kilo a month you'd lose 12kg by the end of the year! Sure its not 20kg but its a huge amount. I say don't begrudge the kilo, and focus on your next 5kg block. You know you can do it!

05/30/2011 10:26pm

Hey you! I didn't know you had a new blog! Pffffft.


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