Every year I say I want to lose 10 kilos (to start with) and I never do.  Life is busy, but I need to stop giving myself excuses and just do it.
I'm sick of being overweight and tired, i'm not *that* old FFS.
I need a routine and I need to start slowly, I can't jump on the treadmill for an hour and run when I haven't been on it for 10 months (I really didn't think it was THAT long - sigh).

Step 1:  routinely grocery shop and buy fresh fruit/veg and plan meals.
Step 2:  only healthy snacks
Step 3:  Minimal alcohol
Step 4:  Use the treadmill every day, even if it's only for 10 minutes

Baby steps will get me there, and then keep up the good work, never never let myself use piss weak excuses.


01/06/2011 2:53pm

I know the feeling !!!! Last year I managed to lose 25kgs but they are slowly starting to creep back on - I HAVE to do something before I am back to where I started. Maybe I should try to get back into blogging again as well - just need to be more organised and find the time !!!
Take care and GOOD LUCK !

01/06/2011 4:08pm

feel exactly the same here...really did shit all the whole year!!

got my hands on shauna reids "adventures of dietgirl' book...could not put it down....feeling full of motivation today....here's hoping it lasts!!

01/06/2011 4:16pm

Hey sweetness!!

I am with you 100%!! I joined WW in November and am loving the new program!
Throwing xmas in the middle of me starting wasn't the smartest thing I've done but it did help me to stay semi-sensible!! I weigh in on Monday after 2 weeks of not being able to attend meetings due to public holidays :( I didn't do great things but I seem to have stayed the same ... that's a win for me!!
I have a treadmill in my room and have vowed to start ..... I just haven't yet! *eek* I'm a lazy bitch! If I can do this without exercising, I would!!

Good luck and call on me if you need!!


01/06/2011 7:46pm

Hi! *waving*
Think step 3 might be kinda tough?


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