Weightloss has been going REALLY well.  (See Ticker on sidebar).
This is what i've been doing to achieve it:

Lots and lots of water
Take healthy lunch to work
Take healthy snacks to work (this includes fruit, which I don't like much)
Tiny amounts of carbs after 3pm, if any
Minimal alcohol
MInimal junk
If I can't be bothered cooking, have a lean cuisine or a WW meal

I think the key is - being organised, which i've always said, but i've never been successful at.  The times they are a changing!

I've lost seven kilos, it's an amazing feeling.


01/24/2011 4:02am

Yay Briony - well done. Being organised is definitely the way to go. :)

01/24/2011 4:34am

Well Done !!!!! Nearly half way there - you are right - being organised is the way to go. It is something that I am going to work on this year - that and increasing my exercise once I start my new job and have the time to be able to exercise. Take care and have a great week !

01/24/2011 4:52am

Bravo Briony, you are such a positive influence and support to others it is thrilling to see you putting that commitment into yourself and getting the results.
Persistence will get you to goal. :-).

Pat Johnson
01/24/2011 3:27pm

Very good work

01/25/2011 4:43pm

Well done. You have lost double what I have. I am so happy to be heading in the right direction....again. Glad to be doing it with you :)

01/26/2011 1:18am

Attagirl - so so lovely to have you back in blogland xx


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