I've only lost a kilo in the last month, need to pull my finger out, it's not acceptable.
My portion sizes are creeping up.  I still have 20 kilos to lose.  I'd love to do it by Christmas (too much expectation?).
  • I had to change my goal weight, as with recent events I decided to seek professional help (from a nutritionist) and he's given me some pretty firm guidelines where my weight is concerned. My previous goal was 73 kilos, it’s now 65 as a minimum and probably more after that.  My starting weight was 92.7, I’m currently at 81.3, a long way to go, but a good effort so far.
  • I haven’t had any alcohol since 26th of January (Australia Day) and I’m not going to have any for the whole month of February at least.  The thought of drinking actually scares me a little.
  • I haven’t had any caffeine in the form of coffee or diet coke/coke zero, since the 27th of January.  I have one or two cups of very weak Earl Grey tea each day and then water, water and more water.
  • I was in hospital for 5 days.
  • I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hypertension, but I still don’t know what’s causing it.  I see the cardiologist next Wednesday and hopefully get the result of all the tests I’ve had done. I may have to have a lot more tests and I also may have to see a Kidney specialist aswell.
  • I’m on two different kinds of medication to try and lower my blood pressure.
  • I have to take my blood pressure every morning before I get out of bed and record it and will probably have to do so for a while yet.
  • Until I see the specialist I won’t know whether I have any chance of ever getting off the medication.  Maybe I’ll need surgery, maybe I’ll have to lose more weight, exercise more and change my lifestyle forever (I’ve already started this in advance of being told this is the answer) so that I can live.  This is the theory I’m working on, and my ultimate goal right now is to be so fit, healthy and slim that I don’t need the medication anymore.
  • My blood pressure on being admitted to the Emergency Department was 210/165 – people normally have this kind of blood pressure measurement when they’re having a heart attack or a stroke – Stage 2 Hypertension – seriously, google it – it’s very scarey.
  • My diet now consists of 75% fruit and vegetables (I know most of you won’t believe it but I’m eating 3 to 4 pieces of fruit every day and loads and loads of vegies),   Lean meat, fish, wholegrain breads and crackers, and low fat dairy.  No alcohol, no coffee, no soft drink, no sugar, no biscuits, no cake, no processed foods, no sauces, no gravies, no takeaway, nothing out of a packet or tin that’s already cooked, nothing crumbed, nothing battered, nothing fried.  Everything has to be healthy and in as natural a state as I can get it. The more of that I eat, the better off I’ll be.  I’m making lots of vegetable based soups and dinners with lean meat and loads of fresh vegies.  Oh and if things do come in packets, reading labels, always reading labels.
  • The best thing is that I’m planning EVERYTHING, taking my lunches to work (I’m too scared to buy anything as I don’t know what’s in it) and planning all of my snacks etc for work so that I am never hungry and I always have healthy snacks and meals to eat. 
  • Gavin is being very helpful and eating the same stuff I’m eating.  He isn’t drinking much, if at all and even then it’s mid strength beer, and we’re both feeling much better for it.
  • This was a big wake up call for me, and it could have easily gone either way.  I’ve been messing around with dieting for a long time (probably most of my life) now it’s serious, and I have had the choice of “will I or won’t I” taken away from me.  As bad as this whole experience has been (and it’s not over yet) it has had a positive outcome and I’m looking forward to getting healthier each and every day. 

A lot has happened since I was here last.  I'll update soon, just have to get my head around what to say and how to say it (it could be that I have to resort to dot points!! hehe).
Back soon.
Weightloss has been going REALLY well.  (See Ticker on sidebar).
This is what i've been doing to achieve it:

Lots and lots of water
Take healthy lunch to work
Take healthy snacks to work (this includes fruit, which I don't like much)
Tiny amounts of carbs after 3pm, if any
Minimal alcohol
MInimal junk
If I can't be bothered cooking, have a lean cuisine or a WW meal

I think the key is - being organised, which i've always said, but i've never been successful at.  The times they are a changing!

I've lost seven kilos, it's an amazing feeling.

Thanks for your support guys, it really helps to know I have so many great people on my side!
Off to a good start today with a lower number on the scales than i've seen in a very long time.  But i'm not offically weighing in til Monday morning (this always keeps me from doing too much damage on the weekend rather than weighing in on Fridays!).
I feel better already.  Have a great weekend.
Every year I say I want to lose 10 kilos (to start with) and I never do.  Life is busy, but I need to stop giving myself excuses and just do it.
I'm sick of being overweight and tired, i'm not *that* old FFS.
I need a routine and I need to start slowly, I can't jump on the treadmill for an hour and run when I haven't been on it for 10 months (I really didn't think it was THAT long - sigh).

Step 1:  routinely grocery shop and buy fresh fruit/veg and plan meals.
Step 2:  only healthy snacks
Step 3:  Minimal alcohol
Step 4:  Use the treadmill every day, even if it's only for 10 minutes

Baby steps will get me there, and then keep up the good work, never never let myself use piss weak excuses.

Need to keep it up, but i'm doing well.  I increase something every time I get on (time, speed,incline, distance) so I feel like i'm doing amazing stuff and I am - i'm creating a healthy me!
Back on the treadmill this week.  Exercise is the key for me, definitely.
Scales are finally moving in the right direction.
TTOM has been all over the place so that's not helping. 
Hanging in there though.
Here we go again, Day one
Shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, lean cuisine for dinner.
Really need to make this work.  Where's my motivation?
I'm hoping after a couple of days of eating properly it will come back.
Fake it til I make it and all that.
Wish me luck!  Again, or are you bored with doing that when I just waste it?
Not doing so well, the cork fell off a bottle of champagne last night.  Bummer.
Didn't get on the treadmill cos I wasn't sure about how to use it.  Have been shown now.  Tonight I have to do washing for going away, clean up the kid's room as he's coming back on Sunday and i'm out for dinner tomorrow night so i've left my run a little late.  D'oh.
Friday we're off to Melbourne and not back til Sunday.  We're staying near Albert Park so i'll be able to walk at least once around each day.